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Saving In The Gig Economy

the gig economy

What Is The Gig Economy? Many people have heard of the gig economy, but what exactly is it? The gig economy is an environment where temporary positions are the norm and organizations create contracts with independent workers for short-term work. This provides workers with more flexibility, exposure, and allows them to create a bigger portfolio….

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Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster

student loan payment

How will I pay off my student debt? How long will it take me to pay back my school loans? These question may run through your mind often. With the cost of education continually rising, it is no wonder people are worried about how they will pay for education. According to, With over 44…

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Become Financially Independent

What is financial independence? Financial independence is the ability to live comfortably off one’s savings and investments with no debt. While this might seem impossible, it can be easier than you think. If you can create a plan, be disciplined, and have some sort of financial guidance, you can reach your goal. The Family Credit…

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Purchase A New Car Tomorrow

Are you in the market to purchase a new vehicle? When it comes to buying a new car, timing is everything. Knowing when the right time to car shop can help to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The Family Credit Union has come up with tips to help you save the most…

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How To Save Money On Vacation

Summertime is finally here which means it’s time for vacation! Traveling can be expensive. Those transportation costs, hotels, and restaurant meals begin to quickly add. According to CreditDonkey, the average vacation costs $1,145 per person. The Family Credit Union has created a list to help you save money on your vacation this summer. 1. Look…

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First-Time Credit Card Users

Getting your first credit card can be an exciting, but scary thought. If you are wanting to buy a house or car down the road with a good interest rate, building credit is important. The Family Credit Union has put together a list of tips for first-time credit card users. Control Your Spending Create a…

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Mortgage Basics: Knowledge is Power

mortgages by The Family Credit Union

  Whether you’re purchasing a home for the first time, or just refinancing your current home, the entire process can be a bit overwhelming. The saying that”Knowledge is Power” is key when it comes to mortgages. The more information that you know, the more confident you will feel. We know that learning about mortgages can…

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Announcing Our 2018 Fall Scholarship Winners!

college scholarships

The Family Credit Union is proud to announce the recipients of $1000 scholarships for the 2018 Fall school year. The scholarships are awarded on need, academics, and extracurricular activities. The Keith Ruefer Memorial Scholarship The Keith Ruefer Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one credit union member or family member that is entering or attending the…

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A New Perk For Dollar Days!

River Bandits

If you’ve taken advantage of the great deals that are part of our Family Fun Dollar Days, you know that The Family Credit Union provides you with fun activities from all over the Quad Cities. We’re proud to announce our newest partner is The Quad Cities River Bandits! New for 2018, the River Bandits offers Baseball…

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Is Your Child Ready for His or Her First Phone?

kids first phone Spring

It used to be that getting a driver’s license was the official milestone when freedom and the race toward growing up began. Today, thanks to the ever-evolving world of technology, the timeline has accelerated—having a phone to call your own is the new first step toward independence.   To help you prepare and decide when…

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