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The Family Credit Union has vehicle loans available for new or used autos, boats, motorcycles, or recreation vehicles.

Qualified pre-approvals make it easy for you to get a better arrangement with the dealer knowing you have the cash up front.

  • Low, fixed interest rates vary according to the term, credit rating, down payment, or equity.
  • LIFE relationship pricing can qualify you for an even lower rate.

Auto Pricing Book

N.A.D.A. “Blue Book” prices on used cars are available online at

EXAMPLE OF COST TO PURCHASE A $25,000 VEHICLE The Family Credit Union Financing including dealer rebate Dealer 0%Special
Amount Borrowed $20,000 (with a dealer rebate of $5,000) $25,000
Annual Percentage Rate 2.99% 0%
60 Monthly Payments $360.00 $416.67
Total Payback Amount $21,557.10 $25,000

Rate vs. Rebate Calculator

You might be surprised at the results of this calculator.

Debt Protection

This product is optional. Under the Debt Protection program, your loan balance may be canceled or your monthly loan payments canceled without penalty or added interest.

  • Consumer loan protection
  • Home Equity Line of Credit Loan protection
  • Death and/or Disability options

Certain eligibility, conditions or exclusions may be applicable.

Auto Loan GAP Coverage

When purchasing a car, one of the last things you want to think about is totaling your vehicle and still being upside down on your loan.

Basic Conditions to Apply for GAP Coverage

  • Original owner of the vehicle
  • The auto must be less than two model years old

Benefits of GAP Coverage

An auto insurance policy generally pays out the amount of what your vehicle is valued at during the time of the total loss.

If your vehicle is totaled and the insurance company claims that it is only worth $10,000, but you still owe $15,000 on it, you are going to be responsible for paying or rolling over that additional $5,000 to your new vehicle.

With the coverage added to your policy, the insurance company would pay out up to what you still owe to the financial institute, giving you a clean slate when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle.


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