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Low Tech Ways To Start Saving

savings account

  It seems like technology is everywhere. We are constantly asked to download apps or give all of our information to websites. Sometimes it’s nice to disconnect and do some things for ourselves. Here are some tips adapted from an article from Penny Hoarder, written by Jacquelyn Pica. Lay It All Out Before you can…

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The Family Credit Union Celebrates America Saves Week

America Saves Week

Running from February 26th to March 3rd, America Saves Week is an opportunity for people to assess their saving habits and organizations to offer assistance and programs to promote good savings behavior. The Family Credit Union encourages all Americans to save using safe and trustworthy organizations and programs. We are committed to giving you the…

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A Christmas Club Account Will Save Your Wallet This Year

Photo of 3 stacks of coins with plants growing on top of them, illustrating growth in money.

Was your holiday season hard on your wallet? For many us, we spend more than we should and end up having to cut back in other ways. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to solve the problem with The Family Credit Union’s Christmas club! “Isn’t the holiday season over, though?” you might ask. “Can’t we just…

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Buzz Points Are Even Better Than Ever!

Buzz Points Rewards update

The free rewards program, Buzz Points, has some new changes coming next month and we think you’ll love them! Some of the highlights include the following: Real-Time Rewards Updated Point Value Reduced Reward Costs Keep an eye out the first week of February for the new updates. Real-Time Rewards In the past, you had to…

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Tax Time is Just Around the Corner

tax return

With the new tax bill that was just passed, you may have some questions and concerns about navigating the new rules and guidelines. The Family Credit Union has partnered with TurboTax to help you file your taxes confidently and easily. TurboTax will help you get your biggest possible refund. If you use the TurboTax Federal…

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Spread the Joy!

holiday programs

Santa Claus isn’t the only one that gets to spread a little holiday cheer! The Family Credit Union is here to bring a little joy into your homes with some great things just in time for Christmas and Hannukah. Holiday Promotions The Family Credit Union is proud to offer our Holiday Loans with rates as low…

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What is a Credit Union?

The Family Credit Union

We asked some kids around the Quad Cities what a credit union was. Do YOU know what we do? The Family Credit Union and other credit unions around the country are non-profit financial institutions owned by their members. We offer services of all kinds like checking, savings, loans, and other financial planning and services. Stop…

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Save to Buy

Save to buy

What do our Quad Cities kids want to save money to buy? Some of their answers are probably the same as yours! They know what they want to buy, but do they know how to buy it. Do YOU know how to save or get a loan? The Family Credit Union can help you make…

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What To Do To Earn Money

financial education

Continuing our video series where we ask local children questions about being an adult, we asked them what they do to earn money. Their answers included doing chores, getting an allowance, and having a job.   If you need answers about how to earn money, The Family Credit Union offers programs on Financial Education and…

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Credit Unions Can Help In Many Ways

credit union benefits

  The Family Credit Union asked some local kids a few questions about what life is like for adults. Their answers are funny and sometimes eye-opening.   Did you know your credit union is more than just checking and savings accounts? Let us show you all that we have to offer you and your family….

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