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Business Accounts

To extend the distinctive benefits of credit union membership to the corporate community, we have developed unique elements for your business – financial products and services for small to mid-size companies.

In addition to lower fees and above average yields on deposits, your company will appreciate the convenience of electronic delivery systems such as Home Banking & Bill Pay, eStatements, and Mobile Money.

Checking Account


  • Custom printing available
  • Traditional check binders – single or duplicate. One to three checks per binder
  • Laser Checks – no need for special printer cartridges
  • Additional products include stamps, deposit tickets or security devices

Debit Card

  • Business name embossing on card


  • Earn dividends on $2,500 average daily balance

Business Services

A great way to meet your cash and operational needs

  • Order currency and coin
  • Bank deposit bags

Payment Processing

We’ve partnered with Fiserv Merchant Servicing to offer low-cost electronic payment processing

  • Convenience card processing including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and debit cards
  • Local customer service and servicing
  • Proceeds automatically deposited into your Family account of choice

Business Loans

As a small business owner, your most difficult task is finding the money to operate your business. Let us discuss your options.

  • Term loans
  • Larger asset opportunities
  • Business or equipment purchase/expansion, investment, and commercial properties
  • Refinancing of current loans

Financial Education

General education that will help you or your employees make good lifelong financial decisions. Including such topics as:

  • Understanding credit
  • Budgeting tips
  • The mortgage process
  • Long-term investments
  • Private, confidential financial counseling

We can come to your place for an on-site visit or provide materials that your company can distribute


You’ll find that credit union business account fees are much lower than traditional banks.

All other usual corresponding account fees pertain but may not be listed below. Fees are subject to change at any time.


Minimum Balance Requirement $1,000 Daily Average Balance $3.00 per calendar month
Paid Check 1st 100 checks at no charge. $.03 for each check thereafter $0.03 per item
Deposited Items 1st 100 checks at no charge. $0.03 for each check thereafter $0.03 per item
Rolled Coin 2.0% of coin order 2.0% of coin order
Coin and Currency Exchange 1st $10,000 per mo no charge. .001 of every dollar thereafter. Maximum $55,000 per mo. Orders greater than $1,000 require 3 hour call/fax notification $.001 per dollar
Overdrawn items Any items returned that overdraw the account. Charged daily per item. 48-hr remedy. Any item returned that does not overdraw the account $29.00 per item
Overdrawn Account Charge of $3.00 per day until the account is positive $3.00 per day
Transfers Phoned in:
Voice Response, CU@ccess24, Bill Pay:
$3.00 per transaction
Statements eStatements $0.00
Wire Transfer Out $20.00
Deposit Bags Security Bags:
Vinyl Logo Bags – 1st bag free:
$33.00 per
$3.00 per