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Signature/Personal Loan

This is an unsecured personal loan established for a predetermined period of time with specific loan payments.

  • The rate is fixed
  • Creditworthiness and the ability to repay determine the rate

Share Secured Loan

Allows members to obtain a loan at an attractive rate using the funds in their savings accounts as collateral.

Credit Builder Loan

With a Credit Builder loan, the amount you borrow is deposited into a Family Credit Union certificate of deposit account. You make regular payments on the loan, establishing a positive payment history and we report this to the credit bureau. As a result of your regular payments and the completion of your loan, your credit score improves and you will have a CD at the end of the term.

Share Certificate (CD) Secured Loan

Allows members to use the money in their share certificate as security.

  • The Annual Percentage Rate is 2.00% above the current Share Certificate dividend rate
  • The rate is fixed for the term of the loan
  • Terms cannot exceed the certificate’s maturity date.

EZ@cces24 Loan Advance

A lower limit line of credit that you can access 24/7 using home banking CU@ccess24 or the 24-hour Voice Response System.

  • Self-transfer money into your account of choice
  • Funds are available immediately for use
  • You only need to sign for this loan one time at any office

Overdraft Protection

If you overdraft your account, this product kicks in. Instead of getting charged a fee for bouncing a check, overdraft protection will provide you with an instant loan. If the ‘loan’ is paid off quickly it is usually much less expensive than the bounced check fee.

  • Repayment amounts depend on the amount being transferred
  • Payments will deduct automatically from your checking account

Holiday Cash Options

Money has a way of disappearing at this time of year. But The Family Credit Union has special holiday offers that will put some extra cash in your pocket.

2020 HOLIDAY SPECIALS – effective November 1, 2020

  • Skip-A-Payment – Skip your December or January consumer loan payment and use the money for other expenses. ($20 service fee per loan). Print this agreement and return to any TFCU office. Signed form must accompany request
  • Holiday Loan – total term is 12 Months, as low as 6.9% APR*. Apply Here
  • MasterCard – Basic and Rewards MasterCard accounts receive 1.9% APR*^ rate on November & December card purchases. Includes all newly ordered cards.
  • Christmas Club – This savings account can be started anytime. You decide when and what amount you’ll set aside each year. Money is available November 1.

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All loans are subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice and may vary based on creditworthiness and qualifications. For a 1,000 loan for a term of 12 months with a 6.9% APR, the monthly payment will be $87 a month.

^The promotional interest rate will return to the current individual cardholder’s rate upon completion of the 6 month offer cycle.