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Credit Cards

Rewards Credit Card

rewards credit card

Use your card at the places that you love and get cash back!

  • Card members that spend a minimum of $2,500 each year will qualify for cash-back Rewards
  • Qualifying members will be credited back 1% of spending in November each year
  • Cashback accruals will appear on monthly statements
  • The calculation period begins with the statement cycle in November
  • No annual membership fees
  • Annual interest rates as low as 12.90% and based on credit**

Balance transfers and cash advances do not count for Rewards. This program can be changed by the credit union with sufficient notice.

MasterCard Basic

MasterCard, credit cardThe TFCU card has interest rates substantially lower than most other credit cards. Rates as low as 9.90% APR*.

Our Mastercards have:

  • Fixed annual percentage rates
  • No annual fee
  • 25-day grace period
  • No liability for unauthorized use
  • Make payments locally at your credit union office, online, mail, or phone transfer
  • Free $250,000 travel insurance

Share Secured Credit Cards

If you want to build new credit or rebuild credit, ask about this credit card program – designed to establish a good credit history with less risk built in.

  • New credit or rebuild credit opportunities
  • Eligibility requirements apply (including demonstrating ability to repay or co-signing)
  • Card is re-evaluated after one-year

My Credit Card
MyCardInfo gives secure access to your MasterCard information online.

  • Make payments
  • View Statements
  • View real-time transactions

First-time users will need card and credit union information available.

MasterCard SecureCode

Sign up for free online credit card shopping protection. SecureCode helps protect you from unauthorized credit card use by asking for password authentication.
To enroll:

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. As low as 9.9% APR for purchases. 1% foreign transaction fee. Late payment fee of $15.00 and returned payment fee of $20.00.

** APR = Annual Percentage Rate. As low as 12.9% APR for purchases. 1% foreign transaction fee. Late payment fee of $15.00 and returned payment fee of $20.00.