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The Family Credit Union

Fee Schedule Effective September, 2019
Fees may change without notice. Some fees are subject to sales tax

Checking Account Fees
Overdrafts* No transfer or overdraft fee for being negative by < $10.00; but must bring account into the positive within three business days. Collection process begins at seventh day of being negative
Monthly Service Fee and minimum deposit No charge per month and no minimum deposit required
Non-sufficient funds item returned or paid* $29.00 per item  (daily limit of 8 items per checking account, per day)
Stop payment on any item $29.00 per item
Overdraft transfer (from savings)* $3.00 per transfer
Overdraft transfer (from EZ loan) No charge per transfer
Photocopy of check $3.00 per check
Rejected check not ordered from approved vendor $3.00 per check
Balancing account/Account research $20.00 per hour minimum 1 hour
Cost of checks Varies per order


Visa Debit Card Fees
Monthly service fee & minimum deposit No charge per month
Non TFCU ATM transactions (5 per mo FREE) $1.00 per transaction after first five, per month
ATM transactions done at TFCU machine No charge per transaction
Overdraft of account* $29.00 per overdraft (daily limit of 8 items per day)
Point of sale transactions (no limit) No charge per transaction
Empty envelope deposit $29.00 per deposit
Sight draft – keyed error $10.00 per draft
EMV Debit Card replacement $15.00 per card
Copy of sales draft $6.00 per copy


Credit Card Fees
Card replacement $15.00 per card
Late Fee $15.00 per month
Over limit fee $15.00 per month
Annual fee No charge per year
Copy of sales draft $5.00 per item


Voice Response/Home Banking/Bill Pay
Transfers between accounts No charge per item
Pay bills online w/ Bill Pay Free if at least one bill is paid per month. If not, $5.00 per month non-use fee
VR Balance, Transaction, or History inquiry 1st five free per month, then .50 per phone call per month


Miscellaneous Fees
Deposited check returned unpaid $10.00 per check
Telephone transfer (called into office) $3.00 per check
Outgoing wire – USA $20.00 per wire
Incoming wire – USA $5.00 per wire
Account opened/closed within 90 days $15.00 per account
Dormant account/non-use $5.00 per month
Miscellaneous item that overdrafts account* $29.00 per item
Printout account history between statements $3.00 per item
Dishonored ACH debit origination $10.00 per item
Early withdrawal of Christmas Club $3.00 per withdrawal
Cashiers Check (1 free per month) $3.00 thereafter
Visa Gift Card $3.50 per card
Coin Counting – not deposited to account 2% of coin counted per transaction
Check cashing (< $100 balance in accounts or relationship) 2% per check amount
Notary public No charge per items
Collection item presented (mail or person) $15.00 per item
Mail returned for incorrect address $5.00 per item
Garnishment, executions, levies $30.00 per item
Verification of deposit No charge per request
Return Mail $5.00 per item
Convert from e-Statement to paper statement $5.00 per account
Corporate Check copy $5.00 per check
Corporate Check stop payment $29.00 per check
Certified CU Check $10.00 per check
Canadian Check Deposit Conversion fee passed on plus $5.00 per deposit
Loan Coupon Book $15.00 per book
IRA Transfer $25.00 per transfer
Escrow Account $25.00 annual
Skip a Loan Payment – Holiday $20 per loan – multiple loans allowable. For details
Loan Subsequent Action $20 per form
ACH origination from other institution $2.00 per item

*Overdraft fees including transfer and NSF, are imposed for overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or by other electronic means. Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.