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Home Equity Loans Can Give You A Boost

Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibility, but there are quite a few perks, too. One of them is the ability to apply for a home equity loan. The Family Credit Union offers a few options so that you have the right fit for your personal situation. A home equity loan can be used to…

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What’s All The Buzz About?

rewards program

  Buzz Points is the FREE rewards program offered by The Family Credit Union! Who doesn’t like the words “FREE” and “REWARDS”? It’s fast and easy to enroll, all you need is an eligible The Family Credit Union debit card. All Rewards, No Worries! Once your debit card is enrolled, all you have to do…

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Don’t Get Sacked By High Interest Rates!

The Family Credit Union doesn’t want your auto loan to be intercepted by high-interest rates. You can refinance your current auto loan with Michael Manternach at the Northwest Davenport branch of The Family Credit Union for a lower rate. Let Manternach Tackle Your Loan Michael Manternach may be a name you recognize. He graduated from…

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