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Refinance Student Loans

refinance student loans

When you refinance your student loans with The Family Credit Union, you have a great opportunity to save money. The Family Credit Union has partnered with LendKey to provide student loan consolidations to our members.

Looking to refinance? Apply Now

  • Consolidate and refinance one or more student loans into a single loan that may have a lower interest rate and one monthly payment.
  • Potentially lower your monthly payment and rate, and extend your payment period.
  • Refinancing is available as soon as you graduate.

Student Loan Payoff Calculator

Why Refinance with Us?

Competitive Interest Rates
We offer competitive interest rates that better fit your budget and lifestyle.
Flexible Rates and Terms
We can help you pay off your loans as quickly as possible or at the lowest rate possible–it’s up to you!
0.25% Interest Rate Reduction
If you set up a recurring monthly payment, your interest rate will drop by 0.25%.
15 Minutes and Done
The application is quick and only takes 15 minutes.
No Origination Fee
There’s also no origination fee, so you won’t have to pay us to process your loan application.
Borrow What You Need
Refinance up to $125,000 in undergraduate student loan debt or $175,000 in graduate debt.