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Important changes for 2018!

Program Update FAQ


With new, IRR, local rewards will now be delivered in the form of a credit on your statement when you link your eligible Visa card to your Buzz Points profile. This means no more vouchers. AND you can be right in the store to claim your rewards.

Just link your card, make a qualifying purchase, and see the dollar amount credited on your next statement!

Point Value and Point & Rewards Cost

To create a better program, we will be adjusting how you earn points as well as how much it costs to redeem your points for great rewards:

  • You will continue to earn points every time you use your card. On this new system, you will earn 1 point for every $4 you spend anywhere and everywhere.
  • You will also be able to earn additional bonus points for shopping at Preferred Businesses, including many of the local places you know and love. These Preferred Businesses will be found in the new “Earn More” tab, which will be replacing the Directory.
  • With this change, there is also no more need to “Mark as Local”

Along with this improved earning rate, we will be making points more valuable:

The cost of a $10 reward at a local business will change from 2,200 points to 1,000 points. Your points will be worth the most at local businesses and charities, but we will also continue to offer the same great selection of gift cards and other reward options.

Your current point balance will be adjusted with this new system.

While you will see your total number of points decrease, your points will be worth more and you will be just as close to that next reward as before!

Point Life

Points will now expire after two years. You will have plenty of notice before your points are about to expire, and we will make sure to show you all the great redemption options available in your area.

All of the updates noted above will go into effect on February 5, 2018. We understand there may be further questions on these changes, so please see our Program Update FAQ

How it works

  • Earn points everywhere you use your enrolled card.
  • Shop local for twice the points and greater rewards.
  • Redeem your points for local, national, or charitable rewards

Catch the Buzz

Join Buzz Points ®, and start earning rewards on purchases you were already making.

It’s Fast, FREE, and Easy to Enroll!!

Earn Points Everywhere

  • Earn points on every purchase you make using your card
  • Get 2+ points per $4 dollar spent at Preferred local businesses and 1 point per $4 dollar spent at national chains

Shop Local Perks

  • A Preferred Local Business is one that is a recommended merchant  to offer rewards
  • Preferred Local Businesses can offer extra incentives to Buzz Points users, such as points, loyalty, offers, and rewards
  • Buzz Points users earn at least 2x the points for shopping at a Preferred Local Business.  Many of these businesses choose to offer even higher point multipliers

Redeem for Great Rewards

The average Buzz Points user earns over $40 in rewards without changing their spending habits.

Local: Available as a credit on your TFCU checking account and are the best value for your points!

National: Delivered as a digital or physical gift card, but may cost more points and take longer to receive

Charity: Redeem your points for a cash donation to a local charity