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We are having a free trust seminar hosted by our financial partner, First Community Trust, on February 13th. This is open to all of our members and you are encourage to attend! You will be able to get some great information on a variety of financial services including retirement planning and asset management. We hope to see you there. You can give us a call to learn more about where and when this event will take place. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.


More about First Community Trust

Our partner, First Community Trust allows us to offer retirement and trust services to our credit union members. The professionals at First Community Trust have the experience to provide you with the best asset management services. They can provide you with estimate administration, retirement planning, 401(k) and IRA rollovers, trust services, and investment management. You can be more informed and ready to take on the future with help from our financial partner, First Community Trust.

The great thing about First Community Trust is that there is no obligation when you use their free services. They believe in a non-heavy sales approach, so you do not need to feel pressured when you approach them for advice or help. Outside of the free trust seminar, you can also meet with their representatives at a place that is comfortable for you. We understand that our members are all ages and abilities, so we want to make sure we can provide everyone with great service. Contact us today to make your appointment or to learn more about our free trust seminar! We definitely recommend you attend the free trust seminar if you are looking to learn more about asset management or retirement planning. It will be greatly informative to everyone who attends.