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It’s the Beginning of a New Yearnew years resolution

Now that 2019 is here, everyone is making New Years resolutions. Have you made one? If you haven’t, we might have a few suggestions for you. Maybe your resolution could be to go back to school, get a car, buy a house, go on a vacation, or simply work towards paying off your debt. There’s something in common with all of these; we can help you achieve each of them. From student loans and vehicle loans to debt consolidation and savings accounts, we have the tools to help you work towards your New Years resolution.

Going Back to School?

College isn’t just a time investment, it’s a financial investment as well. We can help you along. We offer private student loans for the costs that aren’t covered by financial aid. These private loans come with a variety of benefits including no prepayment penalties, interest rate reductions for certain loan borrowers, and lower rates when signing as a creditworthy borrower or cosigning with a creditworthy borrower. These loans are a great option for someone looking to further their education in 2019.

Getting a Car?

Your resolution this year could be to work towards getting a new car. We can help you with a vehicle loan. The Family Credit Union has vehicle loans available for new or used autos, boats, motorcycles, or recreation vehicles. So even if it’s not a car, but a boat or motorcycle, we are here to help. Qualified pre-approvals make it easy for you to get a better arrangement with the dealer knowing you have the cash up front. We’ll help you achieve your goal. Just give us a call today and tell us how we can help you.