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Benefits of Banking with a Credit Union

When choosing to open a new account you have a few choices, including what type of banking institution you want to bank at. We are here to tell you that banking with a credit union–such as The Family Credit Union–has a variety of benefits; some even that you might not expect!

  1. Higher Returns on Deposit Accounts: Since credit unions are not-for-profit, you will often see much higher rates of returns on your deposit accounts than you would on a non-credit union account. Credit unions put their earnings right back into the business, and that benefits you!
  2. Better Loan Rates: Once again, because credit unions are not-for-profit, they offer very competitive loan rates. Credit unions don’t need to maximize their profits, so they have no need to give you high rates. Credit unions are very competitive lenders.
  3. Little to No Fees on Accounts: This is one of the best reasons to open a new account with a credit union. No minimum balance and no monthly fees are common for credit unions, unlike big banks. That way your money continues to grow rather than become profits for a big bank.
  4. Investment in Local Causes: Another great thing about credit unions is that they often benefit local causes. For example, supporting local youth development, community development, and more!

You won’t regret opening a new account with us, we are sure of it. We care about you and our community, not profits! Contact us today to learn more about opening a new account.