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Kirby Kangaroo Club

This club is just for kids up to 13 years old

Our Kid’s Club encourages good savings habits early.

  • Members of the Kirby Club receive special introductory gifts to make the savings process memorable
  • A free gift with each deposit
  • Invitations to sponsored events and contests
  • Minimum membership deposit of $25


Fun online activities are available at Kirby’ Club Page

Lil Kirby Roo

This club is just for kids up to 4 years old

Click on Lil’ Kirby to check out his fun site!

Introducing Lil’ Kirby Roo our toddler member’s buddy. It’s never too early to have your child become a ‘roo!

Kirby Kangaroo and Lil Roo recommend these REALLY COOL Money related games:

Kirby’s Catch and Save

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